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TrueCrypt 5 is out

Well, to be honest, TrueCrypt 5 was released the day before yesterday, officially still February 5th.

So, we now have two TrueCrypts (counting OSXCrypt) for MacOS. And system disk encryption on the fly (for Windows).

Nice. ;-)

TrueCrypt 5

The new TrueCrypt version, 5, is due to be released today. Or so they say

What to expect from this new version? Well, some of the promised features:

  • Whole partition encryption;
  • System partition encryption on Windows;
  • GUI for Linux versions of TrueCrypt;
  • MacOS version.

Now, today is here, and TrueCrypt 5 is still not available. The day is not over yet, so let’s see.

Meanwhile, the people at OSXCrypt released a working version of TrueCrypt for MacOS, compatible with volumes created by TrueCrypt up to versions 4.3a.

And why are the TrueCrypt forums so conveniently closed? I wouldn’t mind if they just came out and said they weren’t able to deliver the new version. If they would just admit that… But well, let’s see if the new version comes out until the end of the day.

Launchy 2.0

Launchy is one of the first programs I install on a fresh Windows system.

Google Desktop is nice, but for program launching I really think Launchy is more usable and fast.

So, that being said, Lauchy 2.0 was just released. It looks prettier, more polished and more easily configurable.

The only problem I detected so far was that, after a while, it ends up eating lot of memory (130 MB right now, on my laptop). It’s not really a problem for me, since I have 2 GB of RAM and I avoid bloatware, but it’s not normal for a small program like Launchy.

But hey, it’s a point zero release.