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Google Gears and Firefox 3

Seems like Google has finally updated their Gears Firefox extension to work with Firefox 3.


Google Apps and IMAP

Finally, after a couple of months, the new Gmail interface was ported to Google Apps.

Right now, it’s not that great of a deal for me, since I was using Gmail through IMAP almost exclusively. And worst of all, with this “upgrade”, IMAP access is gone. I hope it’s just for a while.

Google Chart API and Pycha

Since Google released its Google Chart API, everybody’s  been charting like mad carrots.

Well, there’s a nice Python package for building charts available, which is pretty lightweight, simple to use and nice looking.

It’s name came out a little unfortunate, though… It’s called PyCha.

In Portuguese, it sounds a little strange.

Manager:  So, are we going to use Google’s API for charts?
No, we’re using the PyCha…

Update: I came across pygooglechart, a Python wrapper for the Google Chart API.