RAM Disk creation tool for MacOS X


I’ve created, as an exercise to explore AppleScript a bit (which, by the way, is a terrible language), a tool to create a RAM Disk in MacOS X.

It asks for the size of the RAM Disk to create and then does it. Beware that anything that you put in this RAM Disk will disappear on the next reboot/crash/hang.

Download it here: CreateRAMDisk.zip

Page Up and Page Down History Search on bash (MacOS X)

I’ve got a new Macbook laptop, and I’ve been using it for almost a month now. Pure bliss.

Anyway, I’ve made a previous blog post about using Page Up and Page Down in order to search the command history in bash (see Page Up and Page Down History Search on bash).

One thing that’s been itching me is not being able to use those keys on MacOS X. After trying to find the equivalent to /etc/inputrc, I finally gave up and created a .inputrc file.

It just works… :-)

Test post from iPod Touch

Just got an iPod Touch for my birthday, and I’m loving it.

This is a post made using the “WordPress 2″ application. It looks nice, although a bit on the simple side. Better than the mobile version of the administration interface, tough.

Also, I’m now using a Nokia E71 phone (my E61i was crushed in a little accident). The superior hardware, coupled with the newer Symbian version provides a much better experience. It’s much more stable and considerably faster.

I’m also trying out the Joikuspot application for Symbian, which allows the sharing of the E71 3G connection through WiFi, effectively turning it into a 3G router.

For now, my main goal is to be able to connect the iPod Touch to the Internet anywhere, but it could turn out to have some other interesting uses.

Now I just have to find out how to easily insert links through this application. :-)

Nokia E61i Factory Reset

Here’s how to reset a Nokia E61i to it’s factory settings:

  1. Turn off the phone;
  2. Hold these three buttons simultaneously:
    • Call Button (the green one);
    • The letter “Y” (the number “3″);
    • The letter “U” (the “*” key);
  3. Turn on phone (don’t let go of the three buttons!);
  4. Only release the buttons when the phone is really on (when you see a bright “Nokia” logo).

That’s it. Weird, but true. Don’t know if you can do it through the menus, which should be easier…

Page Up and Page Down History Search on bash

One thing I got used to when using SLES was that I was able to search bash command history simply by typing the first few letters of a previous command, and then pressing Page Up. However, Ubuntu doesn’t seem to come with that feature enabled by default.

After fiddling with CTRL-R a few times, I checked out how to make this work.

Well, simply add the following two lines on a .inputrc file on your home directory, or uncomment them on /etc/inputrc for a system-wide effect:

"\e[5~": history-search-backward
"\e[6~": history-search-forward

That’s it. Enjoy.

Using Google Apps as default mail client in Linux (Gnome)

Ok, pretty simple. I had a couple of machines where I wanted to keep the installation base to a minimum, so WebMail was a natural choice.

I neded to be able to send mails when clicking mail links everywhere in Firefox or other application, so we need to tell Gnome that Firefox is it the default mail client.

So I created the following shell script, which I placed in /usr/local/bin:



if [[ "" != "$1" ]]; then


if (pidof $FIREFOX); then
  $FIREFOX -remote "openurl($URL, new-tab)"

You must replace “example.com” with your own domain.

This script opens a new tab in Firefox, loading Google Apps Mail directly. If Firefox is not yet running, it starts a new instance. If you provide a mailto: URL in the command line, it opens the mail composition section. If no URL is provided, it opens the regular Inbox view.

Now, we must tell Gnome to use this script as the default mail client. Simply open the Preferred Applications dialog in the System/Preferences menu. In the Mail Client section, select Custom and type the name of the script we just created in the Command field, followed by “%s”.

Preferred Applications window

Preferred Applications window

That’s it. It should be working now.

One last warning, tough. If you’re not logged in Google Apps, you will get the username/password dialog, and then you must click the e-mail address link again, in order to send a message.

Edit: you must verify if Firefox is running or not and start a new instance if it’s not. Changed the code accordingly.

EeePC 901 desktop screenshot (#2)

Just for fun, a screenshot of Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex running on my EeePC 901.

Desktop screenshot thumbnail
(desktop-20090208.png, 329 KB)

Desktop Meme

My Ubuntu desktop, on an Asus EEE PC 901:

Desktop Screenshot

Take a screenshot of your desktop right now, don’t change anything, post it on your blog.

Rage Against The Machine

After some tribulations, I’ll really be attending the Rage Against The Machine gig in Lisbon, at the Optimus Alive! Festival.

I was almost not going, but since I got hold of a couple of free tickets (thank you, Optimus), I’ll be there.

Eleven years later, in the exact same place where the Super Bock Super Rock Festival took place in the 4th of July 1997 (in the Passeio Marítimo de Algés), also with Rage Against The Machine.

Google Gears and Firefox 3

Seems like Google has finally updated their Gears Firefox extension to work with Firefox 3.